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Specialist Training/Workshops, Audits, Consultancy and Coaching/Support/Supervision - all within our Ethical Pricing and designed to have maximum social impact. With a focus on Culture and ongoing Competence of excellence.

My PESP consultancy

My Personal Enablement Support Partnership CIC wants there to be improvement in the care and support of people with Learning Disabilities.

Our consultancy support is designed excel and lead the sector. A hub of excellence for people to turn to.

Are you having challenges in your care service?   Do your workforce need  competency focused training?   Do you need Values application?   Are you struggling with safeguarding, PBS and skilled workers?   Do you need a cultural application (training not enough)?   Do you want to provide the best support?   Are you or your family member and need some support?   Does your young adult display behaviours and you need guidance, support, or a sounding board?   Need help with PA's and managing a personal budget? Want to review how to lift someone's quality of life and need help? Not sure how to apply an outcome focused approach (OFA)?


Training and Workshops

Specialist Competency based workshops and training to up-skill the team and apply a culture of excellence

Our skilled services can support in the following areas: - 

  • Total Communication and Makaton

  • Person Centred Planning

  • Positive Behavioural Support

  • PCAS and skill teaching

  • Mental health needs in people with Learning Disabilities

  • Practice leadership and management

  • Complying with CQC standards, including PIR and policy compliance

  • Values for excellent culture in LD care

  • Learning Disabilities progressive support


EB-PBSS (Empathy-Based Positive Behavioural Stress Support) Culture - My PESP PBS-systems Web

My PESP consultancy can provide a total cultural approach including all the above and complete PBS application as per the PBS Competency Framework with our skilled consultants. This can make your home or care service PBS specialist. Training alone is not enough - for a full culturally application and the best care standards, you need total company commitment. My PESP can show you the way!

Excellence is never achieved by accident!

We know the standards needed to be a EB-PBSS (Empathy-Based Positive Behavioural Stress Support) service and we know what it takes - true EB-PBSS (Empathy-Based Positive Behavioural Stress Support)is hard to apply. We are a sector leader and can support all the necessary ingredients.

  • Workforce skills/competency

  • Leadership/coachin

  • Organisational Behavioural Management

  • Functional Assessments

  • PCAS application/culture 

  • Values

  • Meaningful vocation

  • Positive environments

  • Staff behaviours

  • Behavioural support plans

  • Communication systems

  • Diagnosis specific support

  • Person Centred Planning

We understand the key elements of EB-PBSS (Empathy-Based Positive Behavioural Stress Support)and the needed skills and behaviours of leaders and direct workers and can help services and individuals to have a total culture.

Ena-QoL, EB-PBSS and Wellbeing team  

My Pesp CIC prides itself on the outcomes of our specialist Enablement & Quality of Life (Ena- QoL) and EB-PBSS team . The vision of the team is that ‘good quality care’ does not necessarily equate to a good, person-centred quality of life and that individual’s with Learning Disabilities have the right to access lifelong learning opportunities. The team’s dedicated focus is on improving quality of life via a range of assessments, systems, tools and processes. Each My Pesp user has a lifelong learning plan, co-constructed with them and in partnership with their families. The lifelong learning plan aims high and dreams big, outlining a person-centred pathway plan towards their best life. Outcomes are then broken down with action plans and skill teaching strategies applied, following an outcome focused approach.  

EB-PBSS or Empathetic-Based Positive Behavioural Stress Support is our take and evolution of Positive Behavioural Support, this encompasses the PBS framework, but includes increased focus on Trauma Informed Care, Empathy, Neurodivergence and a bespoke emotional and stress-based approach. This includes additions to typical PBS based working to include FEEA (Functional Emotional Empathetic Assessments (to understand the emotions of behaviours) and DESP (Distress and Empathetic Support Plans). The focus being on the emotional and wellbeing needs of the people we support

With a Quality of Life focus, service users are viewed as active and valued members of society with a focus on: -    

  • Human Rights   

  • Inclusion   

  • Person centred planning   

  • Empowerment    

  • Choice & Control 

  • Ordinary lives 

  • Utilising strengths and interests 

  • Personal development and

  • lifelong learning     



Quality of life systems are data driven, with standard quality of life assessments completed every 3 months and 6 weekly team meetings with a sole focus on quality of life outcomes and development of the individual. Example developmental outcomes have included increased independence in personal care skills, emotional expression, makaton vocabulary increasing, prompt dependency reduction, self-regulation and self-compassion skills as well as the skills to communicate pain. 

The Ena-QoL team also encompasses our staff wellbeing support systems, managed by our appointed wellbeing champion. My Pesp CIC recognise that it is the direct behaviours from our front life staff to our service users that has the greatest impact on their quality of life, therefore we must also provide sufficient support for workforce wellbeing and workforce quality of life. My Pesp CIC view the wellbeing support provided to the workforce as a vital component of staff retention to maintain relationships and belonging for our service users, many of which have a history of broken attachment relationships

Contact My Personal Enablement Support Partnership CIC

The Watson Room, St Elizabeth Church, 268 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 3QX


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