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Key People


Luke Watts - Social Entrepreneur

Best Interest Director and Practice Leader

Experienced, passionate, driven and focused. Luke is a skilled social care worker, for 14 years he has supported, led and managed services to high standards. He has skills in PBS (well read, qualified and practical application), training, consultancy, service delivery, Person-Centred Planning and Sector leader. Luke leads the service as a trained Social  Entrepreneur (School of Social Entrepreneurs) with significant management skills, knowledge (LD, ASD, PWS, challenging behaviours etc) and work ethic. Luke loves what he does and is the visionary driver of My PESP. 

My PESP Voluntary Advisory Board

Committed to the cause of making PESP a success and supporting the team and director


Warren Poll

Warren Poll, Director UK Large Corporates – Trade and Working Capital, Lloyds Bank Having joined the Lloyds team in 2015, Warren has in excess of 25 years of Banking experience gained with major Global Banks. His career has seen him work across most sectors of Commercial Banking including SME, MME and Global Corporates. The last 10+ years have been spent working within Trade and Working Capital, where he has implemented many new facilities and overseen these to successful programmes. With previous experiences in Payments and Cash Management as well as Retail Banking, Warren is an experienced, relationship banker.

Pesp Team


 part of our advisory board 

 Ros Blackburn

. Logically Illogical Ros talks both publicly and to individuals about living with autism. Ros Blackburn was diagnosed as being severely autistic at just over a year old. Now in her 40s, Ros tends to feel that while many areas of her autistic condition have remained very severe, others such as her severe language delay have disappeared almost completely. In her talks, Ros gives an invaluable insight into her world of autism. She uses humour and gives graphic examples of her experiences. Ros talks about all aspects of living and working with autism. She describes the fun she has as well as the ways autism continues to restrict her life and the constant support she needs to have. Ros is quite prepared to travel any distance and can be arranged to do talks via Zoom or in person through My PESP CIC, please contact us.

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