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Get Involved and old/new events

We are proudly PESP. Everyone deserves a Personal (all about them) Enablement (developmental and progressive) Support (encouragement, holding hands and community) Partnership (sharing of the journey) built around them.

Come and join our wonderful humans, our social impact and this empowered journey ..... it'll be fun!

Previous events and groups

Up and coming events

  • Embrace partnership Family story telling night (2019)

  • Hastings based Family story telling night (2019)

  • Direct support workers and Personal assistant network - 22nd Jan 2019

  • The PBS Noise Podcast - 4th Friday of each month

  • Outcome Clinics - through Months

  • Family focused PBS training 2019

  • East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Leaders and Managers Learning Disabilities network - 7th March 2019


Networking and Families

We run networks for local Learning Disability Providers, Personal Assistants, Families, Support groups, Social Clubs for people with Learning Disabilities - email us for details.

We are a Person Centred Service - but we know 'family' are vital in this. We work very closely with families including training, nurturing, consultation (with Ethical pricing) and helping them form PESP's around their loved ones.

Luke and other practice leaders chair networks of LD providers, the East Sussex Behavioural Support Network and Story telling nights for families - email us for details.

Two Men Shaking Hands

Partner with Us

 Help us soar - if you are a provider and want to network and partner with us, email us! We can share resources, training, development, offer opportunities to our service users, build clubs and increase our social impact. Come and be a PESP partner.

Volunteers Serving Food

Volunteer Your Time

Show Your Support and be part of something special. The people we support are wicked and would love to have more people around them. Come have some fun and make someones life excel.

Debit Card

Our work with others

Make A True Change - with everything we do, we reinvest any surplus into quality. We are run as a sustainable business and want to work closest with other not-for profit and charitable agencies. We only buy green and try to use ethical minded resources and will always buy charitably before commercially. We believe social care should not be for Profit and should be streamlined and effective! Our Direct Support Services funds itself with all surplus back to the workforce and people we support (and families) - our networking and consultancy is self funding and grant funded. Our workforce are paid well and directors do not take Dividends.

Surplus = quality improvements!

Contact My Personal Enablement Support Partnership CIC

The Watson Room, St Elizabeth Church, 268 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 3QX


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