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Springfield House Life Development Centre

A family led service - better outcomes

Springfield House is a large house in Hove, East Sussex. It is a supported living house for 5 adults all with Learning Disabilities. It is owned by a local social landlord and designed for the people that live there. In early 2019, it undertook a piece of work to adapt it to excel at meeting peoples needs. This was funded by JMS -

Springfield House Life Development Centre is a different supported living service and aims for the best life outcomes. Springfield House Life Development Centre is envisaged as a both a home and a centre devoted to developing the skills of young adults with an intellectual learning disability and complex needs with some behaviours that challenge.

Springfield House is a family-driven enterprise, based on an innovative supported living model. Its ambition is for those with a learning disability to achieve full, meaningful lives using techniques and approaches drawn from Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), led by a local social enterprise provider.

What is SH-LDC

Springfield House and My PESP CIC are focused on changing and shaping lives. The property is a social impact house and a beacon of quality care for people with a Learning Disability.

We make sure our Tenants are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities. It is a place for LifeLong Learning and Development. To enrich lives with family support.

Real tenancies and right of tenure

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This house is a home….not a workplace. Breaking down institutions and giving a real tenancy and excellent place to live.

Care and Support

The Streets

Care and support is provided as needed – generally, this is by My PESP CIC. This combines the care and support with a brilliant home.

Family and Person centre-led


The project is with a not-for-profit landlord, led by families to be a home for life. Sharing dreams and building positive lives.

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